Svasti is committed to undertaking the projects that speak to technology competence and know-how abilities. For each step in the project being executed, we at SvastiSoft do our best to perform tasks with responsibility by using knowledge, creativity and skills to the utmost and efficiently.


Svasti provides complete end-to-end web solutions, including complex e-commerce solutions, CRM solutions, database management, corporate Intranet solutions, web services and high-end managed hosting services. The company has provided a wide range of web services to more than 100 clients including corporate, B2B portals, Government organizations, publications and individual entities.


In order to ensure success of every project, the Project Manager coordinates all Svasti Soft resources required for the project. He will communicate the issues, challenges, options and risks associated with each phase of your project. We work with you to think through all possible scenarios, dependencies and future enhancements.


We consistently deliver cost-effective, high-quality solutions through our total quality program, which seamlessly integrates multiple quality approaches to deliver tangible benefits to our customers.

We lay strong focus on process quality to meet customer requirements consistently. This is done through a strong, flexible and continuously improving quality management system, which has evolved over a period of many years. We strongly believe, quality is a continuous process that is reflected in the company's emphasis on making every associate in the company part of the quality processes and methodologies.


Our project work starts with a project commencement meeting where all team members of the project representatives of the support departments, and the quality coordinators participate. They understand the customer requirements and provide commitment for the success of the project. The project manager carries out a detailed estimation of size, effort and resources by referring to the process database. Based on all these inputs, the project manager prepares a project management plan as per the tailored quality management plan template. The project manager also plans for the relevant metrics and the organizational baseline (upper and lower boundary of the metrics). He/She sets the metrics target for the project based on quality management system procedure.


Every project is assigned to a software quality assurance engineer (SQA), who monitors the process and product quality of the project. He/She reports the progress from this front to the project manager and to the core quality team. The status of the project is monitored by the senior management at periodic intervals as well as with the customers, through pre-defined conference calls. The SQA performs an independent sample test of all deliverables to ensure the compliance to the requirements before sending them to the customers.


When the project is completed and all deliverables are given to the customer, a project windup meeting is conducted to systematically analyze the project learning. These are fed back into the process database for future reference.